I don’t just want to design something pretty and send you on your way.

When you choose to work with me, you’re choosing to work with an experienced designer who will give your business 100% of my attention.

I research, I analyze, and I create design with a purpose.

That purpose? To make it super easy for your customers to flow through your website, and immediately recognize your brand as an authority that has the solutions they’re seeking.

When you hire me as your designer, you’re getting more than just a pretty look. You’re getting my experience in creating compelling user experiences through web design and branding.

I know how to make your website visitors flow through your site, and keep them coming back for more.

Think of me as your brand’s best friend for the next 8-10 weeks as we work together to build something you (and your customers) will love. Something that goes beyond pretty fonts, graphics, or words on a page. Something that functions to bring your users a smooth, pleasant experience every time they visit your site.

What’s Included?


1. Brand Moodboard

1 concept, 2 revisions

2. Primary Logo Design

3 concepts

Up to 3 rounds of revisions

3. Secondary Logo Design or Watermark

A second graphical logo to represent your business, usually in the form of a watermark, or monogram.

3 concepts

Up to 3 rounds of revisions

4. Business Card Design

Using the mood board for inspiration, and including your primary or secondary logo design

We can do anything! Letterpress, Die cuts, it’s up to you! Let’s get creative!

Cards will be designed to specifications of the printer of your choice. I can recommend printers if you’re not sure where to start.

You will receive 2 concepts and up to 3 revisions of your business card.

5. Brand Style Guide

A list of fonts used in your branding & logos

A list of complimentary fonts should you need them later for print or web

Color palette with # hex color specifications

Graphical elements, pattern files – any graphical elements used for your business card and branding board will be provided to you in separate files for easy use later.

The brand style guide will help you keep your brand cohesive throughout all design elements your business may need in the future


6. Custom WordPress design based on your brand

7. Website Layout Preview: Including your content for the most accurate design preview

8. Custom Header Design

9. Custom home page design

10. Up to 2 custom navigation menus

11. Custom Blog Page Styling (Including any sidebar graphics if needed)

12. Custom Plugin Integrations: Depending on your needs, I’ll install the necessary plugins to make your site run smoothly, and make your life easier.

13. Custom Mailing List Form Design: The best way to reach your audience is through your mailing list. I’ll create an opt-in form that is in-line with your brand so that you can sit back, and relax while your website visitors convert into potential customers.

14. Widget area setup/styling (if needed)

15.Up to 6 pages set up for you ( you will provide the content before design work begins): This includes sales pages, about pages, contact forms, basically, any page you need, I’ve got you covered!

16. Setup & Installation: Finally, I’ll install your site for you and set everything up so that it’s running smoothly. All you have to worry about is telling the world that you’re open for business!

17. Education: We’ll have a Skype session at the end of our work together, where I’ll answer any questions that you have about your new brand and website!

18. 1 Month Free WordPress Support & site maintenance ($199 value!): If you need to add products, make minor changes, you get 1 month of my WordPress support and maintenance package absolutely free! This includes a free backup of your site as well. To see exactly what’s included in this package, click here.


The Process

1. Consultation: If you’re interested in this package, let’s get in touch! We can talk via email or Skype and I’ll get to know a little more about you, your business, and the direction you want to take with your branding/website.

2. Contract/Payment: Once we have discussed your needs for this project, I’ll draw up a proposal that will cover all everything in this package, as well as any additional services we discuss, with detailed pricing. After that’s agreed upon, I will also send a simple design contract so that we’re on the same page about what will be accomplished over the next 6-10 weeks of working together. Once the contract is signed by both of us, I’ll send an invoice for a 50% deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar. The additional balance will be billed 1 month from the original invoice, and is due within 7 days of receipt. Deposits act as a placeholder on my calendar which tends to book up quickly, and therefore are non-refundable should you decide to cancel our scheduled work.

(Any additional services requested that are not included in the original design contract will be billed at an agreed upon rate in an additional contract)

3. Inspiration gathering/Mood board Design: Woosh! Now that that’s out of the way, we can get creative! During this time, I’ll gather research and inspiration and start working on your mood board. You will have 2 chances to review and revise your mood board so that we are clear on the direction for your brand design. We will also choose a color palette to compliment and carry through your designs.

4. Primary Logo Delivery (3 concepts): Once I finish your logo concepts, you will be emailed a preview of the logos to choose from. From there we can make up to 3 rounds of revisions to your logo so that we get it just right!

5. Logo Revisions: You will have up to 3 rounds of revisions on your primary logo so that we get it just right! However, in the rare case a client needs more revisions, I’m not going to nickel and dime you here. I want this to be perfect so if there’s anything you’d like to change, just ask!

6. Secondary Logo Design or watermark: Your secondary logo will be based on your final, approved primary logo design. This is usually in the form of a watermark, or simpler graphic to use on your marketing materials. You will have up to 3 rounds of revisions for the secondary logo design.

7. Secondary Logo Revisions: Let’s get it perfect! From here we move on to your supplementary branding materials, and really start to bring your brand to life!

8. Business card design: (2-5 business days from secondary logo final approval) I will submit 2 business card concepts for you to choose from, and you will have up to 2 rounds of revisions on those concepts.

9. Business Card Revisions: (2-3 business days) Here you will have up to 2 rounds of revisions on your chosen business card design so that we get it just the way you want it!

10. Brand style guide & Final File Delivery: This is the final step of the branding process. Once we have your logo & business card designed, I will put together a style guide that will make it easy for you to keep your branding cohesive!

The style guide will be a PDF document that gives you quick, easy access to your branding information like fonts, color palettes, moods, etc.

File delivery: You will receive a folder that will contain all of your final files, in the formats you need. (.jpeg, .png, .ai, .eps) This folder will contain your primary & secondary logo finals in the formats and sizes that you need, as well as your mood board, business cards, and brand style guide.

11. You provide the website content: In order to accurately mock up your website, I will need the content before design work begins. All content that will be set up on your website will be provided by you. Please provide content within 3 weeks of initial payment. Any delays in content delivery will result in your project possibly being delayed, or place behind another client on my schedule.

12. Website Mockup Design: (14-20 business days from when I receive content from you) I will provide you with an accurate mockup of your website homepage design, blog design, and interior pages (about, contact, etc.).

13. Website Design Revisions: (10-14 business days) Once you’ve reviewed your website mockup, you’ll have the chance to review it and will receive up to 2 rounds of revisions on the mockup so that we get it just right before the launch!

14. Website Development: (2-4 weeks) Once the website design is approved by you, we move into the development phase. I will develop your site on my test server. Once development is complete, you will receive a link to a live site to review before the website is launched on your server. Any revisions or changes requested at this stage will be charged separately.

15. Website Launch: (2-3 business days) Your website is ready to go live! I will handle the installation of WordPress if necessary, and from there I will install your custom theme and set up your pages. Please allow 2-3 business days of website downtime for your website launch. (I will place an “under construction” page up while I am installing your site).

Total estimated timeline for your branding & web design project: 6-8 weeks. Estimate based on current client load, complexity of the project, and our communication throughout the process.


Price: $2297

Currently Booking Clients for May 2016

Payment & Terms:

Payment can be made in two monthly installments. You also have the option of paying in full up front.

First payment is due before design work starts. Please note that this payment acts as a deposit and is non-refundable. I often book clients weeks, or even months in advance. In order to reserve the amount of time my clients deserve, the deposit acts as a placeholder on my schedule. Should you decide to cancel our scheduled design work, the deposit will not be refunded. If you paid in full, and later decide to cancel, half of your balance will be refunded to you.

Any requests for additional revisions, or other print or web materials not included in this package will be added to your balance at my current rates.

For more information on my add-on services, please check out my “A la Carte” menu. If you will be needing additional services that are not included in this package, please contact me before purchasing so that I can send you an updated timeline and payment amount.

Before design work begins, a service agreement will be sent to you with your project specifics, outlining all of the details of the services I will provide. Once the service agreement is approved by you, we can being your project! Any additional requests for services not included in this agreement will be quoted at my current rates and invoiced separately. Payment for additional services will be due before design work begins.

Do you want your brand to look as professional and serious about your business as you are? Contact me and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

6 + 15 =

I know that building a business is hard work- and I’m here to take some of that stress off of your plate so that you can focus your energy on what’s important: running your business.


What do I need for a self-hosted WordPress site?

-You will need a hosting plan. I recommend Blue Host.

I have purchased my own domain name through blogger. Will I still need a hosting plan?

-Yes, you will need to purchase hosting through Blue Host or another web hosting company, and have your domain transferred from google. 

I have purchased a plan to use my own domain name through WordPress.com, do I still need web hosting?

-Yes, purchasing your domain name through WordPress.com is not the same as a self hosted website. You will still need a hosting plan.

Do I need to know how to use WordPress?

 -Even for the simplest sites, some WordPress knowledge is ideal. I will point you in the direction of some great tutorials, and there are lots of free resources out there to help you. I’ll send those to you when our work together is complete as part of an awesome exit kit that I provide to all of my clients! That said, if you don’t think you want to handle the back end of your site, I do offer monthly WordPress support plans. Please contact me if you think you’ll be needing this, and we can tailor a plan to your needs.

Do you develop sites on other platforms such as Squarespace or Weebly?

 – I’m currently only accepting projects for WordPress. With WordPress I can develop a truly custom site tailored to your needs.

Do you develop themes from scratch or do you use pre-made themes?

 – I develop most of my themes from the Genesis Framework. 

What if I just want some changes to my current theme?

 -I do offer this service, please contact me for a custom quote.